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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Worksheets & Hostess Gift Ideas - Order by Thurs for Thanksgiving!

About three years go, Mike and I hosted our first Thanksgiving just weeks after our wedding.  I had all of my new wedding gifts and was thrilled to be hosting.  I shared a set of worksheets that I had made for myself to get organized - they are very similar to the worksheets I used in my catering/event business... without the budget part.

Those worksheets have somehow been lost out there (and I have received a ton of emails requesting), so I recreated them for you.   They can be downloaded, here.

I styled them to match my Thanksgiving Place Cards (now on sale).

This worksheet lists everything you'll need to set the table, self-serve bar, kids table, and details you should prepare for the house - guest towels for bathroom, rake leaves, etc.

Every time I throw a party, I make a list similar to this... for my friends who have hosted showers with me, are accustomed to receiving a couple of spreadsheets with my plans : )    I just find that it makes the day of the event so much more fun if everything is planned for ahead of time.  And written down.  If it is written down, my brain can go on auto pilot during the party and I just have to follow my own instructions for cooking times, what platters to use, etc. 
Because everyone's Thanksgiving is a little different, I've also included blank worksheets you can use to fill out.   Here is the preview of the blank cooking schedule, too.

All of these worksheets can be found to download, here, and are formatted in Numbers (for us Mac users), Excel and PDF's.  Hope they make your Thanksgiving planning fun and easy.

If you're not hosting Thanksgiving, here are some ideas from my store for great hostess gifts.

I also now have a very limited supply of Fig & Cedar Candles, $16, my new scent for November (that sold out in the first 12 hours!). 

Of course, the My Everyday Candle, $16, is always a good option, too.

This is the idea I shared a couple of weeks ago - coffee cake baked in a Kraft Loaf Pan, a linen tea towel, wrapped in a large Cello Bag, tied with Edgartown Sand Ribbon.

The Tablet + Le Pens, $14, is another great gift - now packaged ready for gifting.

And remember, place your order by this Thursday to be able to receive it by Thanksgiving!


  1. These worksheets are so lovely and helpful! Would love a "countdown to Christmas" (or something like that ;)) version for planning out when to send holiday cards, decorating, baking, etc. to help remove some of the Christmastime stress!

  2. This is so handy! I could have used this for our Canadian Thanksgiving this year. I'll keep this tucked away for our big Christmas dinner next month. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I just downloaded them! Thank you! It's makes me fell so much more organized. I think I'm going to try the turkey recipe too!

  4. You are a genius! I'm not hosting this year, but will totally be using this for our dinner parties. I usually scribble my timeline down on a post-it, but I love love love how this includes things like house, bar, etc. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. such a sweet idea! i know i would love it! :)

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